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Default Re: Ouch. Sucks for him...

'' However, my close encounter with a permanent disabling injury, or maybe even death, caused me to put my "new motorized bicycle" in the garage until I had the time to objectively consider what had happened and why it happened.''

Looks like a lot of drama for a so called '' 10 min. ride'', without the engine even running..LOL!

I gotta call foul/BS on that write up, been on motorcycles for 40 years and can't pedal a bike down the road without having a potentially '' permanent disabling injury, or maybe even death,''..........!

The fella does make a couple so so good points about brakes ect. but that ain't rocket science, I can tell him from my own experience that I'd rather wreck on one of my bikes doing 20-30 mph than on my 450lb motorcycle, ground will feel the same but Id much rather get tangled up in the 60lb bicycle than my 450lb motorcyle if I had to go down, I don't want to crash on either but I've had some fairly good spills on both when I was a kid.

Give this guy an electric wheelchair, knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet, leather gloves and keep him on the sidewalk, He's way to paranoid to be on the street with a 2 wheeler of any kind in my opinion.

Peace, Map
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