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Default Re: Pan Am Bike Tour for My Son and Me

Karls Mom ... (Hi Karl) If you are serious about taking this trip to Bolivia, I want you to know that I wish you all the best that can happen. I've had a couple of travel adventures myself, and came through them with renewed faith in my limited abilities, and also in the friends I didn't know I had until something went wrong and they stepped up to help. If you do all the planning and anticipating you can, things do have a way of coming together for the good. There are people all across the USA who work on bicycles and motorized equipment, and I'll bet most of the countries you'll be traveling through have bicycles and motorized stuff that gets repaired all the time. Most people wouldn't even think of taking a trip like you're planning, but if someone has the time and equipment, and the determination to try it, it could be a wonderful adventure. Some of the members here are concerned about it and want to make sure you understand the pitfalls that can happen before they encourage you to start something you may regret. I'm convinced that once they know you understand how trying it could be, they will be as helpful as possible. If we all put our imaginations to work, I'll bet we could come up with the perfect transportation for your trip. We need to know what bike/bikes you'll be using, if you'll be camping or staying in motels, your est. of weight in your trailer, if you plan on other people going along with you, and if so do they want motorized bikes as well, and any other info you can provide us. Please keep posting as this would be an excellant adventure and a grand opportunity to come up with a dependable long range motorized bike. These bikes aren't that difficult to work on and you've got time to learn as much as possible.

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