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Default Re: Boat Oil in my bike

When I built my first bike, I didnt know the difference between liquid cooled oil and air cooled oil. I was using Pennzoil marine 2 cycle oil. I didnt know about spark plug color either. That engine lasted about a year, but the rings and the crank bearings finally went. I had hoped to get more out that engine, and probably would have if I had been using the right oil and known how to adjust my air/fuel mixture. That bike is no longer with us. I am on my second bike, but my fourth engine, due to some bad luck with two other engines, not oil related. With my current engine, I started out using Lucas semi-synthetic air cooled oil, but even ordering on ebay I paid about $12 for a pint. Found universal 2 cycle synthetic oil for air cooled engines at walmart for $6, and the color of my spark plug tells me my engine is happy with it. This engine is almost a year old, and I expect to get at least another year out of it, perhaps several. If you want an air cooled 2 cycle engine to last, you need to use air cooled oil in it.

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