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Default Re: need help finding out make of engine

We really do want to help, but you gotta throw us a bone here. Pictures of both sides of the engine in question should help immensely. And give us all the information you have on it as well, if you could please. There are some people here who can take that info and just run with it. And you'll learn anything you want to after that.
But you have to understand: saying you have a bike motor is like saying you have a bike. All we'd know is that it has two wheels. Could be a 20 inch, a 24 inch, a 26 inch, could be a men's, or a lady's, could be a Schwinn, a Columbia, a Cannondale, a Mongoose, a Raleigh, a Hercules, a Denali, a Felt, etc. See, we need all you can tell us.

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