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Default Re: Boat Oil in my bike

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
It would help if we knew what engine you have. If you're talking about a Chinese 2 stroke then read on.

By "boat oil" I'm assumimng you mean outboard motor oil. The general consensus here is that oil formulated for outboards is not a good idea. Some have run it without a problem but the oil is made for water cooled engines. I'd suggest you look for oil made for air cooled engines. It is usually made to withstand a higher engine temperature.
Good luck.
Right on, I have outboard oil for my boat, and wouldn't even consider using it in my HT. Besides oil is cheap for what it does. OB oil dirt cheap, HT (Amsoil) oil $11.00 a quart, still cheap. Just for those that feel that $11.00 is much, 1 oil change in my truck, is 3 gallons. About $60.00 for oil change, with me doing it myself.
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