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That thing is like this...
run the cable through the little thing that looks like a buddist temple on top of the carb.
then run the cable through the spring
then thread the needle through the brass bowl then through hole in the bottom of the brass cup.
Add the "C" clip
then thread the cable through the bowl with the end on the bottom of the bowl and through the "C" clip.

Slide the bowl into the tube of the carp with the needle pointing down.
Slide the spring down the cable then screw the cap on.

Be sure that the tits on the side of the brass bowl line up with the path down the carb's tube.

Now look through the manifold opening and you should see the needle seat and unseat as you work the throttle.

Er you did know that the knob on top of the buddist temple looking part of the carb adjusts the length of the cable throw. Na that would be too simple you had to know that.

There are pics of all that somewhere Good luck
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