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Default Schwinn Riverside/Skyhawk GT-5

Hey all, I've been lurking for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to register. I just bought this Schwinn Riverside with the Skyhawk GT-5 66cc kit on it from a friend of mine. He bought it new from a "builder" who had put it together with as much quality control as a Yugo built from spare parts. The mounts were wrong, the carb fell off constantly, and he had run the chain through the tensioner wrong. It has the "high performance" CNS carb, which I found to be very problematic. I've almost got it running well, but it still only goes around at about 1/2 throttle. A new NT carb is on the way.

I've been into scooters for a long time; I have a Honda Metropolitan with a Ruckus motor and swingarm swap, as well as a Yamaha Razz with a 150cc GY6 on it... this seems like a good addition to the family

So far, I've righted the wrongs of the original builder, and generally gave the bike a good once over. I flipped the stock bars, and plan to make a layback seat post next weekend. I still need fenders, because I live in a place that gets 140" a year, and the bike stripe up my back gets old fast.
Sorry for the quality of the pics, I couldn't find my camera, so I took them with the phone.

The Metropolitan and the Razz:

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