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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Originally Posted by b-rad View Post
always inspiring SB.. I agree with 2DOOR .. this is our hobbie and what works for you works for you.. I just completed my second tank with a no gas wire welder that I bought years ago to fix an axle on my at home bosses garden cart. reading this thread about pressures,gasses etc,etc means nothing to me..I"m just a little thick I believe !! But WE can make a tank that doesn"t leak..I practiced on 18 ga. metal because I knew I would have to know how to fill a burn through..and I was right (for me) persistance and patience and lots of grinding off screw ups got me to this tank on my first attempt..every welder friend I have would disown me from watching me weld.. just another step in the journey that brings us to that feeling of riding down the road with the wind blowing across what once was hair

That's a good looking tank! If you don't weld well, then you're a good grinder. Ha!

Yes sir, I will end up with a gas tank that fits in the frame and both holds gas inside and holds paint (to hide the welding and grinding) on the outside. Slow and steady, persevere! Thanks for the encouragement. Your tank is an inspiration.
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