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Default Re: Ouch. Sucks for him...


What I found interesting was he had a serious accident in the first 10 minutes, yet throughout his 'report' he says he never got it to start, hence he wrecked it just pedaling and everything else is just conjecture as he has never even rode one under motor power.

As for the picture of his bike it is labeled correctly, HIS build is neither safe or runs.
Two levers and a mirror on the left? Duhhh, as mentioned above a good dual pull on the right fixes that.
Speaking of brakes, the kits does NOT come with brake parts, they are the builders job.

I blew his pic up to 900 pixels and still couldn't make out the motor sticker, but having an NT carb it is 2009 or earlier.
Maybe a flying horse, maybe one of those no-name kits, but with no plate it's not a SKyhawk.

I don't take his remarks as an assault on motorized bikes, to me he is just publicizing his poor mechanical skills and apparent inability to pedal a bicycle without having a serious accident hehehe ;-}
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