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Default Re: How did you get introduced to motor-assisted bicycling?

My story started when I moved from Michigan to Connecticut for my job. My family stayed in Michigan since my kids were a senior and sophomore in highschool. I was renting a room in a house with 4 other guys and only lived about 4 miles from work. I've been into Jeeps and off-roading for years so my daily driver was a 98 TJ on 35s with 4.56 gears, lockers in both axles and many other upgrades that gave me about 12-13 miles per gallon. I wasn't new to wrenching. I was looking for a moped to go back and forth to work and ran across a tag on the side for a motorized bike kit. I started following those links and ended up at this forum and started to do a lot of reading. I picked up a diamondback beach cruiser for $20 off craigslist and a 2 stroke from Thatsdax. Put it together on the living room floor while watching football and started riding it to work every day. I modified the exhaust, upgraded the carb, swapped out to 12g spoke rims and a MM sprocket adaptor and had a ball.

Fast Forward from 2008-09. My ex-wife back in Michigan decided she wanted a divorce since she had a boyfriend. She told me on our 19th anniversary while I was in Michigan. With all of that things have changed. I sold that bike and moved out into the country about 12 miles from work. I am now working on a 4 stroke bike since things have settled down and the guy that I sold my 2 stroker to broke something in the motor and is giving me the entire back so I'll either put another motor on that one and complete the 4 stroke build or I'll strip the parts off that bike to assist in the new build. Waiting for the bike to be dropped off so I can see what kind of shape it's in.
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