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Default Re: Ouch. Sucks for him...

While I think he has some valid points, I think his years of motorcycle experience worked against him. Motorized bicycles are NOT motorcycles.

When I built my first motorbike I expected it NOT to be safe. I remember I would only ride it up and down the street, never far from home, for weeks after first putting it together. This was because I KNEW I DIDN'T KNOW what could go wrong. Over time I learned what rattles lose or learned how to ride more safely.

I never assume other traffic can see me, anyone who does, motorcyclist, bicyclist, motorbicyclist is just an accident waiting to happen. The first person looking out for your own safety should be YOU, not the other driver.

Sometimes I learned things the hard way. Things broke or came lose when I was far from home and my tools. Luckily nothing catastrophic but those incidents also taught me. I carry basic tools now, for instance, and frequently inspect the bikes for loose parts. This is something you should do with EVERY bicycle, mind you, not just motorized ones.

I still don't think motorized bicycles are safe. I don't think cars or regular bicucles are safe either. You can get in an accident or killed in any of them. I won't sell or even build a motorized bicycle for someone I don't think is capable of maintaining it or understanding the safety issues involved. But I currently have three of them and have let my kids (late teens) ride them for years, but ONLY after I was sure they understood some basic safety rules.

I suppose I can understand this guys viewpoint, but I think the major problem with his motorbike is the rider.
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