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Default Re: Cool Speedometer

The speedo works with the cable and drive from a cheapo bike speedo, of course the ratio is wrong and the threaded nut on the cable is too small( I can work around the nut). The Smiths speedo is a 2:1 ratio, where most of the current analog drives are 3:1. I have been searching bicycle drives and have found 1:6 units but no 2:1 yet. Problem is nobody lists the ratios. I have the original drive on the way but dont know how difficult it will be to adapt. It is similar to a bicycle drive, but has pegs instead of paddles that go into the spokes. Enfield ran the drives on the front, and also on the rear wheel. The link is for a front cable, the rears are WAY long. This is a cool speedo that should be real durable, and its cheap enough. If I can hook up a 2:1 bicycle drive its basically a bolt on.
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