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Well after realizing the limitations of my OCC cruiser, I decided that I would like a second motorized bicycle based on a steel road bike as a good starting point for a stout performance build. I looked around on CL and found a couple I liked but they were aluminum and had some components I would end up putting aside. I really like Camlifter's idea of putting a pitbike body on the fixie, especially because it's such a tall bike and I'm only 6' tall, and it looks rad!

So I went to Walmart tonight and bought the last thruster that they had, still in the box. They're getting rare around here and I suspect that they might get discontinued since they haven't been reordered. It was a tough choice because there were so many nice bikes there and I was looking to see if any others would fit a 66cc 2 stroke, but I couldn't be sure on most of them because of weird frame shapes or tubing profiles. There were a couple of hybrids there I almost got instead, but I know this bike is a sure thing, and it will have plenty of room for the engine.

Here's what I'm planning for the overall build:

-66cc 2 stroke kit
-SBP shift kit
-Sturmey archer rear drum 5-speed hub
-front suspension fork with disc brake mounting points for disc brake
-Better cranks, levers, pedals, bars,
-new wheels if I bend them like Tony just did, and slick tires
-homemade wheel disc covers for aero
-pitbike fairings and seat, maybe supporting the seat by a suspension seatpost or some other method to reduce the vibration and shock
-headlight, taillight, and turn signals like my other bike
-aluminum fairings to enclose the engine supported by crash bars, maybe with some kind of gills cut and bent into them for evacuating hot air
-as much performance parts on the engine that I can afford or mod myself, probably start with a good carb, reed valve, porting, expansion chamber, and later maybe up the compression a bit and retune for a boost bottle if they actually make gains

Basically I want something where I won't be a rolling roadblock to cars on the roads with really narrow bike lanes where road bike traveling fastwouldn't be out of the ordinary, like down the hill near my house, and lots of fun and hill climbing torque with relatively light weight. I was looking at small displacement racing motorcycles and hopped up mopeds to be my next bike, but I think something like like this with a lot of tinkering potential for cheap will be way more fun and help me to get used to hauling serious ass down the big hills here. I might consider taking it to the closest motorized bike races, I think that would be a lot of fun!

This is going to be awesome, I'm looking forward to this! I stayed up late tonight and put the bike all together so I can take a ride tomorrow and evaluate it and start thinking how it'll all go together.

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