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Default Re: Ouch. Sucks for him...

I didnt read the whole article, chiefly because I have a very low tolerance for stupidity and ignorance. But, there are ways around almost all the issues he mentions. Half the solutions are in aftermarket parts or finding what setup you are most comfortable with. The other half is in using the sense God gave you. The brake and clutch issue can be solved in more than one way. I dont even have a front brake. I have a coaster brake and a rear hand brake. And I also had an accident when I first started riding. I was getting ready to go through an intersection and a lady didnt see me behind her and proceeded to switch lanes and make a right hand turn without signaling. I walked away with minor injuries. Never once did it cross my mind to put my bike away and give up riding. I just had to learn how to ride more carefully. Just because you have experience riding motorcycles does not mean you are experienced with motorized bicycles. I am not saying that riding an motorized bicycle is way harder than a motorcycle, in fact I have never ridden a motorcycle. But a motorized bicycle is operated very differently than a motorcycle. My final thoughts? This is some sort of publicity thing or something. When he said that installing a pull start is unsafe because you have to install a wider crank and its uncomfortable or too hard to get used to, I stopped reading. I have a wider crank from when I did have a pull start, and I personally found it more comfortable and easier to pedal. Everyone may not find that true, but it doesnt make it unsafe. Its called take your bike for a test ride before you take it out on the road, have the sense to get to know your bike before you use it a daily commuter, and use common sense and good judgment when out on the road. All the safety issues he pointed out are things he should have considered before he ever even THOUGHT about throwing a leg over the seat.

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