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Default Re: Help me choose between TWO bikes!

I've built four Huffy Cranbrook variations so far- the origional, a 2010 blue&cream from WalMart, I just romped today. No issues with the bike, standard stupidity with the HT motor. The 'Panama Jack' is a party machine- drink holder, ditty bag (not for tools, more like sunscreen and condoms) and (get this) a BOTTLE OPENER on the front forks! That "Panama Jack" panel under the top bar messes with mounting the tank as well as the CDI, and the back rack rattles like death past 18mph... If you can live with that, it's no big deal. The rack is extendable but only locks on the right- shim it on the left and that solves the issue.. the rack is welded to the frame and will support my 200 lb frame without issue. The 'Nel Lusso' seems a better buy, IMHO.
I've not built on a Schwinn... I liked the 12 gauge huffy spokes over the 14 gauge Schwinn spokes. The Schwinn has 4" more wheelbase, making for more body space and a more comfortable cruise. This amounts to Ford vs. Chevy, Stutz vs. Mercer, Harley vs. Indian, Glock vs. Colt 1911 ad nausem. I like the Huffster. Others like the Schwinn. My hubmount fits either one, so I might do a Schwinn in the future.
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