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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Originally Posted by T-lo View Post
and Aleman, do you have any idea how many teeth on your gears?
Sure, but that information is useless to you because my setup doesn't directly compare. What's more telling is the overall drive ratio.

Here's my ratios:
1st gear = 25.5:1
2nd gear = 20.4:1
3rd gear = 15.3:1

A chinese 2-stroke kit on a bike with 26" wheels and stock 44T sprocket has an overall ratio of 18.04:1. With a 36T it's 14.76:1

Wanna play with gear ratios, too? Get the gear calculator from the "/ratiocalc" link on this post
To set it up for a chinagirl engine, enter 20, 82, 10, 44, 1, 1 and 6000RPM to represent safe redline.
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