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Default Re: How did you get introduced to motor-assisted bicycling?

My son is rapidly outgrowing his Power Wheels but still wants to keep it around, so I was looking at different ways to modify it to make it faster for him (right now it is at 18V, going to go 24V with an ESC soon). While googling for setups with electric scooter motors and sprockets, I found this site and was immediately intrigued!

I gave up motorcycling shortly after my son was born since even just commuting to work I was dodging careless drivers on a daily basis. But I really, really miss it. My wife picked up a new Vespa 150 last year for puttering around the neighborhood, so I threw a leg over that about twice a week to head to the grocery store. But we ended up selling it since she really did not enjoy riding it like she thought she would, lol.

So finding a hobby to keep me busy in the garage and allow me some motorized fun but at hopefully a little less risk to life and limb seemed like a perfect fit. My first build ended up being a weed eater FD on my old mountain bike, but that was just because I stumbled upon a free Ryobi weed eater on CL. Had fun on that for about a month, then sold it to help fund my china girl build
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