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Default Firmstrong Urban Man (from BeachBikes) Good bike to motorize?

I'm looking to build my first motorized bike and I have been reading the forums here for days (thanks for keeping up this wonderful site); I think I may have settled on a Firmstrong Urban Man (3 speed) as my target bike. I searched the forums and got some hits on Firmstrong stretch bikes that have been motorized, but nothing on the Urban Man. Has anyone built one on this frame before? Does the bike hold up well? Any problems with the engine mounts? How is the foot placement in relationship to the seat position?

I'm looking to use this as a nice weather ride to work, which is 22 miles away. So I'm gonna want some comfort.

I've also settled on an SD Stinger for my engine kit (thanks for all the good info from other posts).

Thank you all and happy riding,
Charlie "Wireman" Blair
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