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Default I have a heckler (or a fan)

I live in Lebanon, PA. I have been getting out on the bike a little more lately, due to the weather getting much nicer. I never ride without a lid, and I assume thats why this guy is messing with me. I dont think he realizes that I have an engine on my bike, or just isnt paying attention. So twice now, he has seen me with my orange helmet on, not a bike helmet but a dirtbike lid, and has said "safety first" I havent seen his face, because I am too busy keeping my eyes on the road, but I can tell by the tone of his voice he is making fun of me. Its starting to irritate me. I am considering pulling over and revving my engine loudly the next time he opens his stupid mouth, just to show him that i am on a motorbike. any thoughts?

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