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Default Re: Pan Am Bike Tour for My Son and Me

I am sorry, but I think this is a terrible idea. I dont see anything wrong with the idea of taking the trip in itself, but for someone who clearly has little mechanical experience to try to take on a 4000 mile trip is not a good idea. Its not like driving a car across country, where as long as you have the money you can drive or tow it to a garage and have it fixed and be back on the road. If you break down, especially in another country, if you cant fix it yourself, you are stuck. Everyone else can be glib about this if they want, but they cant stop me from voicing my opinion. As far as this being the ultimate adventure, that might be true - for an adult who clearly knows what the trip entails and knows if they will really enjoy it or not. But its not fair for to a child to be stuck on the road for 3 weeks, riding in a bike trailer no less. He may enjoy the trip in a car, but I really doubt he would enjoy it in a bike trailer. Please be fair to the child and dont put him through that. And getting through this trip is just NOT as simple as "get two of everything that commonly fails, throw in some tires and tubes, strap your kid in the trailer and ride away with your favorite tunes blaring". First off, There are alot of parts that dont commonly fail that can still be very important to the proper operation of the engine. What if a part fails that you dont have? Secondly, you will need a custom trailer built, because a kiddie trailer wont hold the weight of a kid plus spare parts, tools, tubes, tires, food, water, and whatever else you will need. Third, you really should have a fair amount of mechanical experience in order to make this trip. You should be fairly experienced with bicycles as well as small engines. I have been riding, fixing, modifying and improving my bike for 3 years, and I wouldnt take a trip this size because I am not confident enough in my mechanical abilities, or that I would have everything I needed to avoid getting stuck when I broke down. For someone so new to motorized bikes and mechanics in general to think they could get through this trip is simply unrealistic. I am sorry, and I mean no disrespect. But anyone who is glib and tells you just to go for it with no experience is just giving you bad advice. If I were you, I would get a four stroke engine and build the bike, but plan the trip for next year and learn everything you can about your bike in the meantime. Try to maintain it yourself if you can, but ask for help if you need it. But when someone helps you, ask them to show you and explain everything they are doing. with these four stroke engines being relatively low maintenance, you will probably be ready for this trip next year. most of the fixing you will have to do between now and then will most likely be to the bike itself, and not too much to any of the motorized components. Please give some serious thought to what Im saying. If you end up stranded somewhere between here and bolivia, at least I can say I tried to talk you out of it, since apparently no one else will.

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