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Default Re: Best way to strip spraypaint from plastic?

its a two gallon tank, do you have any idea how much purple power I would need in order to fully submerge it? Not to mention finding something to put it in to soak, which I dont have. I thought I mentioned cheap and easy in my first post. A two gallon tank for pete's sake. Its a lot bigger than those teardrop tanks that come with the kits. it came off a three wheeler. Im gonna get some brake fluid in a couple days when i have the money. The paint is not fresh, its been on there for months. The nail polish remover helped a little but not enough. I could scrape the paint off with the nickel, but it would take too long with me having carpal tunnel. Im just going to use brake fluid. its cheap and I read that it works really fast. Im gonna use a sponge to apply it and soap and water to wash it off.

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