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Default Re: Should engine stay running with clutch in

Originally Posted by bikeman8 View Post
i bought the mega motors 66cc engine with a straight plug

i recieved a silver engine with a slant plug and eagles on the grips.

not sure what kind it is.

my carb has 4 holes on the bottom side.

it runs grea, when my mufflers welds dont break

but when i push in the clutch it dies.

how do i fix this?

i read about the idle screw thing.

where is it at??
Have no idea what push means to you. Pull on the clutch handle is clutch disengaged (like neutral), Release handle the clutch is engaged (like riding the bike down the street).

No matter weather you pull on the handle or release it the engine should run without dieing. Adjust the idle with the handle pulled in and locked. If that isn't your problem then clutch adjustment is needed.
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