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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

This past Saturday I replaced the original 44-tooth rear sprocket with a 39-toother, to try to improve my speed on level pavement. With a 66cc "China Girl" engine, my new setup cruises at about 19-20 mph, where the old setup gave 16-17 mph cruising speed. It's interesting to note that the top speed remains about the same, at approximately 23 mph. I'm about a 200 pounder, and the bicycle is an old Schwinn Suburban five speed "touring" bike, one with 27" narrow, high pressure tires and upright seating (high wind resistance, no doubt.)

I suspect that if the little China Girl had more high-rev torque then my top speed would have risen along with the cruising speed. Perhaps some engine tuning and tweaking will nudge my top speed up into the 25 - 26 mph range, not that I'm really eager to ride a Schwinn bicycle that fast.
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