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Default Re: Two cycle oil

I just don't know abt the consequences of changing lube oil that may have different lubricating ingredients and capabilities.

But it seems to me, if you are speaking of a chinagirl, any current mfg oil will suffice, if used according to the directions on the container.

An improvement in oil quality should bring you increased power and longevity when you switch to it.

Perhaps the only problem that might occur would be from built up carbon and ash coming loose and getting blown out the port after bouncing around in the combustion chamber a bit.

However, I don't see large amounts of combustion residue forming UNLESS someone had followed the engine manufacturers advisory, and ran a 16:1 or 20:1 mix in their engine for break-in.

With today's oil quality, I feel 32:1 is abt the most oil that should be run in a current production engine.

and that's ALL MY OPINION !
pls consider others!

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