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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Silverbear if you get a tank of gas get a big one, it coast just as much to fill a small one as a big one and you get double the gas for just a couple dollors more. If you wait untill you get back home and shop around Centeral McGowin in little falls has a pro rated lease. After so long you can turn it back in and get your money back. And I am sure they travel all over the state to other welding supply shops, besides Home depot has there tanks here,look them up when you get home and they should be able to tell you were there dropoff spots are.
As far as welding helments go I bought onfrom a welding supply annd it has a batterie (not sollor) and I have had mine for a lot of years and haven't replased the batterie yet it is auto darkening it turns itself off after it sets for a few min. When you turn it on it has a yellow tint and britens up so you can see also yellow is a glair cuttin collor so I don't ever think you would burns your eyes if it failed. Just don't buy a cheep one from HF or like that you can't replace the batterie in them when they fail.
You are off to a good start it look good for a beginner looks good...........Curt
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