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Default Re: Don't Buy Bike Parts Here !!!

Pay Pal makes it almost impossible to stake a claim, I'm still hasseling through it, but I used a credit card, and now have to cancel the card and get a new one.

I did not make te transction on e-bay but at his site. I do not recall using a Pay Pal account so I do not know how I got tied in with Pay Pal.

He is also an obscene individual and has taunted me with e-mails;

I moved to melxico .... i will refund your payment...

F_ _ K THE USA...twice
& Thanks


You are now a federal felon, I find you if I have to die doing it !
A _ _ H_ le !

come to puerto penasco i can make that happen for you

By the way, . . .other than finding out who you are, and where I can find you, I reported your cool little company to motore bike forum, e-bay, paypal, visa, I haven't got to the FBI, yet, but I'll give it a shot.

Mi nombre is Bryan Semones NADA VERGA

They will laugh at you

I am already laughing at you

You ignorant american f_cktard.


Holy sh_t you are all bent ofer $19? You will die miserable and alone.


Its the principle, messing with someones credit card ain't a good thing, besides that I why should I give 19 bucks away, **** I could have given it to some poor people I know in the Phillipines who have children and no money !

On top of that my bike is sitting here without a muffler, all because you not only break the law but you don't have any respect or consideration for what is right !


Are you saying you have this guys picture on a video, is it still available ?
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