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Default Seffner newb, hello everyone.

Well first off I'm Alias (Mark) from Seffner Florida. I joined to get some help and advice after searching through this forum for a while (which is actually my go to guide on the net now :P ). The kit that I have which is my first, I found on craigslist nearby me and bought it with a few miles on it, but pretty new and all put together.

As a newb at the time (and still am I think) I was only shown how to ride it, and a bit about the gas valve, clutch and carb lever. Ever since I've had to transfer the kit to a new bike (the chain ate the frame LOL), which isn't such a new bike then it is a beat up mountain bike, and had to get a new back tire after a while of riding it (the axle snapped in half). And some other small things I've had to get fixed or was told how to fix myself.
I recently bought a new engine because the bearings in the other one were shot. So I have it installed for the most part I think, everything in on fine except the clutch is hard to pull to pedal or move freely :/ .

I hope this post is too much for the first time :P . Hello again!
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