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Default Newb to the thread, but not the bikes.

Hi guys, my name is Tom, I'm 18 and I live in Ithaca. I've browsed the threads for ages and picked up a lot of information here. I am about to begin my third build and decided to finally join up with the ranks of the motorized bicycle forum.
-My first build was a 66cc 2stroke on a very old steel frame Raleigh that my dad pulled out of a dumpster many years ago. This bike got me around everywhere for the several years I used it before I was old enough to get my driver's license. I put some serious miles on that bike. It's about 6 years old and running strong, although it was given to a friend a couple years back.
mods: red high-heat painted cylinder cover, storage containers
-2nd build was given to a friend, It was a 66cc 2stroke springer fork Shwinn cruiser.
-My 3rd build is going to be a 66cc 2stroke on my trusty Walmart single speed (laugh if you want, I tuned it up myself and put it through awful conditions and its been a workhorse its whole career) Also it has my 20inch springer banana seat on it which I think will look great with the kit on.

I have parts ordered and should be receiving them by Thursday or Friday. After my bad experiences on the first bike with a bum chain, and the second bike with a faulty carb/broken throttle assembly, I ordered an extra carb, throttle assy, and better quality chain (with a breaker, I used a hammer and dull nail to pop out the pin in the links for the last two chains (same method works for watch links btw..with smaller nails))

Because I know some of the faults of these things already, I want to ask the wisdom of the community here for a couple of tips.

1. Has anyone had any experience with the inner engine sound deadening foil like Sick Bike Parts sells here
Is this stuff any good? Is it bad for your engine performance/lifetime? Is there a cheap alternative like auto sound deadener?

2. Does anyone know a good source for alternative gas tanks (not too pricey...okay cheap...) or a way to reliably make one. I'm pretty crafty and willing to put the work in if I can keep the price waay down. I was never fond of the top tank that the kits come with but I am working with a college budget.

3. I once found a thread where somebody posted an alternative chain tensioner that was very inexpensive. I have searched and cannot find this thing. It was springloaded for tension and was less than $15, if I recall it was 12.99 or something close to that. I think it was meant for tractors or something. I have seen some others but they are a bit pricey...

4. What is a good alternative to the gas line that comes with the kit. Mine rotted up on me on my first bike and it was a pain to replace. Is there something at the hardware store that you can buy by the ft.? If so, does anybody know if they make this kind of tubing in the style with the steel or nylon mesh on it for added strength? also is there a preferred type of fuel filter?

After all my many mishaps and frustrations with motorbicycles, my overall experience has erred much more on the positive side. I look forward to the mishaps and frustrations ahead, although I hope I can avoid those I have already faced.

Personal favorite MOD of all time:
1st build, after hundreds of laborious miles of duty, the bottom cap of my muffler violently blasted off at top speed and was run over by a truck. My bike was incredibly loud and annoying to me, let alone the neighbors.
I went to my local bodega and picked up a can of sardines in marinara for 59cents(the can that looks like a tiny soup can, not the peel up tin). I opened it, dumped out the contents, poked some holes in the bottom, packed the muffler with steel wool and hose-clamped the can over the end of the muffler. It as quieter than ever before, and I even felt I had more power, or less vibration at least.
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