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Default Re: Getting Aero - Speed Gains

NP Low, there's a bunch of fascinating info out there - those were jus' a coupla links I had handy...

It's interesting to note that with cars & (motorized) bikes aerodynamics are often effectively ignored when making preformance modifications for speed, it's always about a bigger/stronger engine, yet with aircraft - engine power is for climb rate & it's pitch is for speed... and the best way to improve the aircraft's top speed preformance is through a reduction in drag, even such seemingly inconsequentials as wheel pants (covers), airfoil shaped cables & struts and even just taping over the seams, I was simply astounded by the results I got from such "minor" modifications to my ol' ultralight, even small & slow as it was (stock airspeed 60mph).

Still, lessons learned & I've been giving serious thought to adapting some of the various velomobile designs to the taddy project I've been tinkerin' on, but you have touched on some of my concerns;

Originally Posted by lowracer View Post
...The full fairing 2 wheel bikes are awesome until the wind blows, then the sail effect causes seriously scary situations & unpractical for street use....

...The trike handled the wind much better than the F-40 but had a lower top speed, was heavier & took up more road width...
...while a tadpole would be more stable in a crosswind, the biggest hurdle for me is ofc your 2nd point, with the distinct lack of shoulders on most of the roads around here I almost didn't go through w/building a taddy at all - there's also the difficulties of lessened road visibility & difficulty in entering & exiting the thing... then there's cost, even just a simple one piece fairing can run around $230, it's mounts another $270, so it's roughly $500 for a windscreen alone... and TBH I'm having a hard time justifying that ATM lol (as I'm still building the silly thing).

Still, the advantages in efficiency & comfort can't be denied, sooner or later I'll get something like that fairing, or get creative & build somethin' myself... although I'm not expecting much, while it's ofc exponential the drag considerations for a 30mph or less motorized vehicle are comparatively fractional, but it does all add up I s'pose.

The enemy lol: ...& gawd don't I hate math >.<

Thanks for mentioning this Zzipper BTW, it's good to have some choices & I'll defo be keepin' an eye on yer DIY progress
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