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Default Re: Pan Am Bike Tour for My Son and Me

I personally have only used the cheapo 2 stroke rice burners (rice burner is slang for chinese engine), and have no personal experience with 4 stroke engines, mostly because they are so expensive. HOWEVER, if you are planning on taking such a long tour, you dont want to do it cheap. I would conservatively estimate that if you want to guarantee getting through this tour without breaking down, you can conservatively estimate you will need at least $1000. You will need a four stroke engine, because a two stroke engine will not handle a tour of this magnitude. you will need a strong frame and heavy duty wheels and hubs. You will need tools to carry with you. You will need spare tires and tubes. Please dont leave without tires, tubes and tools, and expect to fix the bike when you get a flat halfway to bolivia. I personally think you're better off flying, and its probably cheaper. Not to mention the fact that no six year old probably really wants to take an international bike tour anyway. The idea might sound fun to him now, But wait till the second or 3rd day of the trip. He will be saying he wants to go home and play in his own back yard or watch Handy Manny or whatever he likes to watch.

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