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Default Re: Pan Am Bike Tour for My Son and Me

Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post
Ibedayank gave you some good advice. The Honda GXH 50 is one of the best engines out there. It's a 4 stroke which means no mixing oil in the gas. In many states manual clutches are illegal. There's several good gear boxes out there which use a centrifugal clutch. EZ, Staton, Sick Bike, etc all have good 4 stroke kits. Look at my build in my profile for some ideas. For long travels you'll want instrument devices and lighting. The main reason for pointing you in this direction is the low maintenance involved. For the most part just do scheduled oil changes and air filture cleanings. Good luck.
I don't want to get too expensive with this, though. A lot of people do this tour without any motor at all. How much does that motor cost, and where can I find one if it's within my price range?

One thing I didn't mention in my original post is I've never had a driver's license, ever, and I'm 45. I know how to drive, but in Indiana, I'd have to wait (I think it is) 6 months before I could go from the beginner's license to a regular one and then another 3 months for a motorcycle endorsement.

My main goal is to get there to Bolivia without breaking down before I get there. If I am only riding during the day and not as dusk or dawn, would I still need the lights?

Thanks everyone!


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