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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

I have the Lincoln weld pak 135,110v and it came with the flowgage,2lb.roll of solid .023 wire, the adapter for ten pound spool and a cup for gas,it was set up for f/c and had a 2 lb.spool of fluxcore wire,contact tips for both types of welding,hand held mask with #10 lens and a cart that has a small bottle holder,I bought this welder because I used one like it at was the weld pak 100,it didn't come with all the extras but I had to weld some catwalk down on site and it was so portable!...I also tried to kill it welding for way over the dutycycle!Only once the cooling fan kicked on after five or six two inch beads one right after the other...I was truly impressed!...I have bought My gas bottle,its 110cu.ft. was around $100.00 new,$13.50 to fill, good for five years before recertification....I built a nice cart out of a shopping cart that was trashed and was thrown in the dumper behind the store!...One Mans garbage is another Mans gold!....Tigmaster....
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