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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

All of these tips are so helpful.
Tom, many years ago my oldest brother had a body shop and I sometimes helped him with unskilled grunt work. I did a lot of prep work, sanding, sanding, sanding. He always warned me when he was welding not to look. So of course I looked and got an awful burn to my eyes. It felt like someone had thrown sand into them and was like that for several days until my eyes healed. It was awful, so your comments regarding the batteries certainly got my attention.

I'm intrigued with the potential of upgrading to solid wire welding at some point. I read in the owner's manual...

Handler® 125
Rugged and portable,
the Handler® 125 operates off 115-volt household current. Comes ready to weld without shielding gas using .030-.035 in (0.8-0.9 mm) flux cored wire. This welder is equipped with a built-in gas valve, and with the addition of a regulator, you're ready to MIG weld with .023-.030 in. (0.6-0.8 mm) solid wire. Use C-25 gas (75% argon/25% CO2) on 24 gauge - 1/8 in steel for a cleaner weld with less spatter. Use Tri-Mix gas and stainless wire for welding on 16-12 gauge stainless steel."

This leads me to believe that with the addition of a regulator and gas bottle, a spool of solid wire and switching the polarity of the welder... it is MIG ready. So, is the same gun used as with flux core wire? Does the gas flow out of the tip? And the volume of gas is controlled by the gas regulator, is that right? It is intriguing to think that this little welder could do stainless steel. I'm not saying that I would be able to weld stainless, just that the welder would be capable of it in the hands of an accomplished welder. Pretty cool.

But that's off in the future. For now I have my work cut out for me next Saturday, finishing up the cart for the welder ( which I have learned is referred to as a 'running gear'.
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