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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

The battery in the helmet is supposed to last for years, but when it needs replacement do you have a warning it is getting near time before as you said you know exactly when it is no good?

I will contact Amazon for the company site Neiko as I have not found the right one. The one I found is for hand bags and has the same spelling.

I suppose if you find a type that has no batteries and work only on the solar cells that it has like an instructor of mine said only to buy let me know if it works and is a good one. I think keeping an extra battery on hand could be good, but I think they are going bad as you store them even if not in use to some extent.

The tank I got from Airgas is that way they take care of it if you bring it back for a fill before 1 year is up otherwise I think I'm told you owe something to get it inspected, but I have not yet had it a year yet.

I suppose I really own the bottle but I never get to keep the same one as it is on exchange basis when I go in there.

You may also check if they cut the cost of initial fill to 1/2 price when you start your ownership of the bottle. I was told this and although one shop said this, I went to another of the same company but at a different location since I was going that way and they said they would honor it. Twice I had the receipt torn up and have them redo it over when it did not reflect this 1/2 fill 1 time deal. Hey big city and I'm not really a slicker but some let say have tendencies to make repeated mistakes in their favor.


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