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Default Re: Don't Buy Bike Parts Here !!!

He probably moved to mexico because he was such a crappy businessman. I know from second hand experience. My brother bought 4 kits from him a few months ago. He sent 2 kits parcel post; they took 3 weeks to get here. It had a large hole in the box and it was missing cables, the sprokets and a carburator. A few weeks later the missing parts came after a call. The second box of engines came 5 weeks after the first. He stated somewhere that this is what he does for a living; so I assume this is his only source of income. In his videos he is shown using a bicycle trailer to haul shipments off to the post office. His videos were on his ebay auctions. Judging by his videos he appears to not have a whole lot of money. My brother and I said we wouldn't use him ever again after our ordeal. I guess he couldn't afford to screw up... and he did. Something had to give; that's why he moved to mexico.
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