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Default Re: Help me choose between TWO bikes!

Seems to me the critical factor here is THE LOOK!


Far better to accessorize and do fancy paintwork than forego the significantly important mechanical functions.

...I agree!
The cables all over the handlebars look STOOPID !

But you don't necessarily need 'em. Especially up there.

The Schwinn is 7 speed, and only has one derailleur, and I've considered cutting down my control cable and mounting the lever down on the seat stay.
I don't use it, and it doesn't need to be handily accessible.
Actually, I've seen any number of kids with NO derailleur, and the chain just hanging off the sprockets... so I KNOW that works!

Still IMO...
Having two working brakes could be critical at any moment.
and you'll never know when...
My guess would be this could most likely become apparent When You First Get It Running!
and that's abt the same time you would discover that coaster brakes are...
Well, let me put it this way...
They are NOT GOOD if you have a pedal bike and live someplace with a lot of hills.
Half the time it makes no difference.
The other half, they fade.

Good luck to you!
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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