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Default Pan Am Bike Tour for My Son and Me

Hi Everyone! I came here when I was doing some researching on which engine type to get. My son, he's six, and I were in Bolivia a couple of years ago, and instead of flying back, we're wanting to do a family tour from Indiana, to Bolivia, mainly on the Pan Am highway.

Since I have a kid, and we're wanting to stay there, at least for a while, we'll be taking more stuff than most do on tours. Pulling him and our stuff isn't something I want to do without any help, so a motor is a must have for this trip. I called a couple of bike shops here in town, and was told that the hills would burn up a gas motor, but all the sites say electric motors don't have enough power to get up hills. These same sites said gas motors did fine going up the hills. I've decided on the gas motor! I'm trying to stick with the 48/49 cc size, because of the legal requirements of the different states we'll be going through.

My questions are many, so please forgive me if I add to this later on. I am a complete newbie when it comes to motors and stuff. Like I told my second oldest son (who's had a gas bike before), to me, a clutch is a bunch of eggs.

I want to know which parts are the first to go on a motor that gets a lot of use, and isn't in the best of conditions. It'll be dusty (yes, the rainforest is actually dusty and sandy, believe it or not!) and very bumpy with a lot of uphill/downhill roads. I want to buy replacement parts for the most likely ones to go, so we don't get 'stranded' with just my muscle power.

Also, how difficult is it to replace the gas tank? Are they universal and interchangeable? If not, how is it done?

How can I tell how fast I am going? How do I control my speed?

How can I tell from an item description which engines start with a key? And do these come with a spare key? I'm really good at losing things!

That's good for now, I think. Please let me know! Your advice and help is very appreciated!

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