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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Put my Maxis Hookworms 24x2.5 on they do look smaller. I wish they made these in 24x3.0. I liked the look and feel of that larger tire. The Berm Masters I had looked very large in girth compaired to the Hookworm.

I road around on them and they do grip the road really well! I look at them and they are a great heavy duty tire. Now that I am running slicks I recon I better watch out for any patches of sand on the asphalt tho.

I am almost ready to put the L/C BoXer together. This old A/C BoXer has been a good buddy to me. Got to ride with the HookWorms more to make up my mind. The Berm Master 24X30 has been my favorite so far.

Putting a tire on my Large Marge rims has goten way easy tire spoon wise I found a great trick! My problemy now is putting fresh duct tape on the rim and the tape not sliding over when putting a tire on lol.
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