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Default Re: Help me choose between TWO bikes!

Originally Posted by Mick5s View Post
So I know I will have to cut the chain, but is that it? Not much other work has to be done with the bike itself, right?
Multi speed chains have no master link. You will need to have it pressed apart, shortened and re-pinned, or a new connecting link installed. Aftermarket does sell master links for multi-speed bikes but they are specific sized to the particular width of the chain, depending on how many gears the system uses

And I also want to take off the front brake.
So lemme get this straight in my own head... You want to take a bicycle and put an engine in it that will allow you to travel as speeds much faster than the bicycle was ever designed to travel at and on top of all of that you want to remove the most powerful brake on the bike so quick stops/ speed adjustment and accident avoidance are rendered much harder to do and sometimes impossible? If so, I strongly recommend that you re-consider keeping the front brake for your own safety and well being.
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