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Default Re: was a Huntington...

The bike was run for an entire season when the cracks started to show - rode hard and fast. The rubber was inside the mount for the whole time. I would not do it that way again. This season when I put my bikes together, I used a piece of 1.5" copper pipe that I split in half mounted under the front motor mount, basicly providing a solid surface to clamp to, but still giving protection to the hard, thin steel of the bike frame. Under the rear mount, I used a piece of heavy leather, cut from a belt. I tried to tighten everything down well so there will be little room for any movement between the mount and the frame. I will be keeping an eye on the mount with leather in it too.
I will have to run the bike to know how well it works...

A rough estimate of the mileage on the bike before the frame failure would be about 2500+ miles.

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