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Default Re: Researching for the best motorized bicycle kits

every two stroke bicycle engine is a crap shot. There are a lot of people will tell you one of two things. They will either tell you that all 2 stroke chinese bicycle engines are junk, or they will tell you that you have to tear every single engine apart and do this or do that to it, and if you dont, its not going to last. it kind of upsets me a little, because it seems that people have one bad experience and they either want to boycott the seller or go around telling everyone that all 2 stroke kits are junk. Now, there are some kits and some engines that are junk, and there are also some bad sellers out there. If you went to Starbucks and they didnt make the coffee up to your standards, would you boycott Starbucks? No, probably not. This is the same concept. The truth is, the factories where these engines are made do not have quality control. They just make the engines and ship them out. Does that mean every engine is bad? Absolutely not. some run great out of the box and last. some run ok and dont last long. some do need torn apart and have this or that done. For what these kits and engines cost, is it really worth *****ing about if you get a bad one, or if it breaks down in a few months? No. I have had 4 engines and two bikes. My first engine was a grubee 48cc and lasted a year. would have lasted longer had i used the proper oil. had a grubee 66cc, only used it for a couple months because a mounting bolt snapped. had an engine with a centrifugal clutch, and the one way bearing failed. engine i have now is a 68.5cc from bgf, had it almost a year, and its the best engine i have had so far. So I have had some bad experiences. Am I going around saying all kits are junk? No. Because what matters to me is the ride. Some days I get to ride, some days I dont. But even on the days I dont get to ride, I know that I will ride another day. A lot of people on this site have lost sight of the true spirit of riding.

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