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Default Re: What's your most desirable accessory for a China Girl?

Originally Posted by maurtis View Post
After spending 5 hours in the garage today fighting with the rag joint (including using a dremel to embiggen the sprocket hole to clear the coaster brake dust cap since I did not want to modify the cap itself), I am definitely desiring a hub sprocket adapter. After getting the rag joint "almost there" for the Nth time, I just gave up on it and will wait for my adapter, lol. Ugh... I was sorely tempted to try to run the bike with the sprocket a little off, at least to make sure the engine even runs, but ended up just ripping the whole thing off since I probably would have just ruined a brand new wheel.

Of the accessories I currently have, I really like my Crow Cycles center stand. It is very sturdy and makes working on the bike much easier.
I have to agree with you. Getting a rag joint to fit right is a huge PIA. I have been successful getting one to work, but the amount of time and trouble wasn't worth it. Then if you should decide to change to a different size sprocket, you have to go through the whole mess again.

It makes $80 for a Pirate adapter seem quite reasonable.
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