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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

I don't know. You can learn to do some things very quickly. Like when I was 12 someone mentioned that no one had ever jumped off the 40 foot cliff we were standing on into the 30 feet of Lake Huron below it.

On the way down I remembered that I couldn't even dog paddle but the fellas said that when I got to the surface I looked like an Olympic champion when I lit out for shore. Ya, I know but it says fasteddy, not swifteddy.

I just opened up one corner of a cardboard box and cut the flaps off the part that was the top and put a couple of bricks on the other flaps to hold it in place to act as a wind break. If there is enough flexible plywood left I'll use that as a windbreak. When you live two blocks from an ocean there is always a xxxxxxx breeze.

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