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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Look on the side of the helmet and there should be a knob that you can adjust to lighten or darken the shade of the lens. If it's like most of them the knobs fallen off and you may have to turn it to either light or dark and turn it so you can get the shade so your happy with it. If the knob is still there, there are numbers on the helmet to give you an idea what it's set at.
Don't set it too light. If you get flash burned eyes you will have a good idea what a trip to **** is like because you will think your there. I made the trip once.

To keep what you're welding from sticking to the welding table slide a piece of copper under the work. The welding wire won't stick to copper. Make sure the copper is thick enough not to melt

To get the tank welded properly you will have to get .025 hard wire and gas. You need the smaller wire to weld steel as thin as body metal and it has to be used with gas if I remember correctly. The larger wire carries too much electricity to the metal and burns holes in it. The good news is that you get pretty good at welding up holes that have burned through.

Don't remember if we got a gauge or not with the welder but you should be able to get a small tank and a gauge to hook it up to the welder at Harbour Freight reasonably or check with a local welding shop and see if they rent them short term. May be cheaper to buy.

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