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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Well You have a great start and a talented teacher to boot!.....I've been welding for over fourty some years and used every type of welding known,arc,oxy/act,m.i.g.(both flux core and solid wire)t.i.g.,arc spray...and some air/arc cutting,carbon arc brazing and silver soldering...Done high pressure steam pipe in all positions and was onced certifed nuke/powerplant weldor ....I think that You should upgrade to 75%/25% gas mix and use solid wire,You'll love it!....fluxcore sucks!...too much slag like arc welding...lots of cleanup...A little tip, get some soapstone and draw some lines to follow and shine a bright light on Your work area,it'll help You see the lines with Yer hood down...And don't go to lite on the shade or You'll be crying in Yer beer!(from welding flash) Enjoy Your new found friend and keep on sparking!....Tigmaster....
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