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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

For a noob at welding I say you are doing fine.
A little tip, do not waste your money on tip dip. The stuff you dip the gun nozzle in to keep the build up from sticking to it. Instead use some good ol' Vaseline and apply it with a Q-Tip. Works just as well and costs alot less.
Also get some Ferro Slick with the little piece of felt and a clothes pin. Do a web search for it if you have to. The stuff is cheap and insures you have a clean, slightly lubricated wire going into the liner.
Enjoy your new experiences with welding! I know that when I first started out I seemed to get caught in a circle. The more I welded the better I got. The better I got the more I wanted to weld. If I could have welded the pictures onto the living room wall I would have.

Edit, this place can be fun too:

And here's a place for some excellent how-to info:

Ha! The site added a smiley to the web address.......
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