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Default Re: Help me choose between TWO bikes!

You can remove the derailleur but then you will need to cut the chain to proper length for whatever gear you choose and even then it will be a krapshoot if the chain tension will be acceptable. I cannot comment on the Clairmont as I do not have one but I can tell you that my Schwinn Point Beach has no front - back adjustment for the rear wheel.
The derailleur gives the chain proper tension.
I can also say that I really appreciate the gears on my Point Beach. Compared to my Atlas which has a 1 gear/ coaster brake hub, the gears on the point Beach make life a whole lot easier. If I ever need to pedal assist the engine for climbing hills I can shift to a more appropriate gear instead of high speed pedaling my self to death trying to pedal at 20MPH with a lower, slower gear.
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