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Default Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Over the past few years being on the forum I have much admired those here who are welders and think nothing of fabricating everything from frames to forks to gas tanks. To a non welder it appears to be magic, joining steel to steel.

Last summer I watched Fasteddy alter frames, make engine mounts, modify a crank shaft, extend handlebars... all sorts of things. He encouraged me to give it a try and so have others here, assuring me it was something i could learn.

I'm 67 years old and know nothing about welding, but with some help from my friend Tinsmith and the use of his shop I'm determined to learn enough to make a few things for my bikes, especially an in frame gas tank for my 1950 Panther. I also want to make a custom exhaust pipe for it which will mostly involve pipe bending, but also some welding. The Panther has recently gotten an engine upgrade, from the 50 CC HS to the 99 CC Predator. Now it wants some cosmetic changes.

The welder I'm using is a 125 Hobart Handler which operates on 115 volts and uses flux core wire for MIG welding.

The one shown in the videos is slightly different in that the model I'm using has two separate control knobs for amperage and wire feed rate, so has a little more control.

I want to start on my gas tank pretty soon, but figured I'd better spend some time getting the feel of what's involved with something that can't leak. I have a two wheeled cart that I got at an auction for the Briggs engine powering a water pump on it. Eight bucks. With some modifications I think it will make a nice carrier for the Hobart welder. And it will give me something to learn on.
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