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Default Re: eliminating vibration

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I've tried it both way's. Rubber mounted, and solid mounted. Both can work, and both can fail. It depends on a lot of variables.

I have a friend that used car motor mounts for both the front, and rear mounts on his china girl. It looked like it would work great, but in fact vibrated something terrible. I suggested he solid mount the rear mount, and try keeping the rubber front mount. That worked very well, and was smooth riding.

By first solid mounted motor vibrated like a biache. It wasn't the mounts fault, the problem was the crank was badly out of balance.

Now days I like solid mounts, but only after I balance the crank. I wouldn't solid mount a stock motor without doing so.
I've known some Honda car engines that were so well balanced, right from the factory, that I think they could almost have gotten away with solid mounting them.

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