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Default Re: was a Huntington...

Originally Posted by Billy Thunder View Post
Do you have anything between those steel-clamp motor mounts and the frame?
Last season my motor mount ate right through my Micargi frame and the downtube split in two. I was torquing on the throttle away from a stop when the frame gave out, causing the motor to twist sideways and pull the mount right through the frame. The gas line seperated and spewed fuel all over. Lucky I wasn't cruising at speed when it broke.
The Micargi Huntington had a steel frame, but I don't know which Micargi you have. The Huntington here was totaled in a wreck (and I nearly was myself, but I'm doing much better now). But I will try to answer as best I can:

Initially, I did have a piece of BMX inner tube rubber between the engine mount and the frame as an experiment in vibration reduction. From my point of view it didn't help at all. I took it out and remounted the engine several months before the big accident. I examined what was left of the frame afterward. The areas of the engine mounts were some of the places that were NOT cracked. But I mounted the front engine mount with a large-tube adapter from SBP and the back mount was flat against the seat tube, dead perpendicular, not angled in any way. Having the engine mount less-than-perpendicular may have been your problem.
That, and I don't know how thick your frame was, whether it was aluminum or not, whether you needed an adapter, etc. You'll need to tell me a little more.

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